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Connect West Palm Beach


To increase support for more walkable neighborhoods, bikeable streets, and quality public places.


Complete and connected neighborhoods in the City of West Palm Beach.  




  1. Positive Partnerships: We connect people to place and strengthen community by meeting with citizens, government, and other non-profits in our city to form fun and positive partnerships.
  2. Small Steps with High Returns: We focus on small actions with a high return on investment and take incremental steps to test these ideas and obtain feedback, while allowing for fast adaptation.



  1. Livable Streets: Streets compromise the greatest share of public space in the city and we seek to make them safer, more comfortable, and inviting to all users that will enhance social connection and walkability.
  2. Diversity of Housing: We seek to provide a greater diversity of housing types in our neighborhoods so that various incomes and ages may live in close proximity.
  3. Mixed Use Neighborhoods: We seek to build neighborhoods that allow a mixture of uses so that many daily needs are within comfortable walking distances. Schools, civic institutions, and active parks and public space are fundamental components of neighborhoods and should be located in easy walking distance of residents, rather than concentrated in one part of the city.  Mixed uses enhance livability and reduce automobile dependence by shortening frequency and length of trips.



  1. Stewardship of Land: We seek to respect land as a limited municipal resource and should treat it with a sense of stewardship.
  2. Urban Ecology: We seek to build great urban neighborhoods. They are the key to saving our natural resources, wetlands, and preserves. Urban neighborhoods use land more efficiently, reduce regional level stormwater runoff, and reduce per capita pollution and energy consumption.
  3. Mobility: We believe in healthier humans and seek to prioritize human mobility in this order: walking, biking, transit, and automobiles. We seek policies that will reduce car dependence and its externalities. Land uses in the vicinity of transit should support less car reliance and increase density.
  4. Smaller Pieces: The neighborhoods we most love were built in small pieces. Policy should reflect this reality and lower the barriers to entry for incremental, contextual development.
  5. In All: We strive to make all communities within the City more vibrant and connected, from Northend to Southend, from West to East.


Areas of Focus

Inform & Educate: We inform and educate the community on issues of walkability, bikeability, placemaking, and building a stronger West Palm Beach

  • Regular communication to the community via e-newsletter and social media
  • Build a coalition of neighborhood partners
  • Build a coalition of volunteer experts

Activate: We activate public space through fun events, programming, and demonstrations

  • Promote ongoing events and schedule engaging new events

Create Change: We create change in both policy and physical design

  • Get Connect WPB representation on several city boards and committees


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    Mark your calendars (or just subscribe to the Connect West Palm Beach content calendar) for this important meeting happening next week. Hear the results of the mobility study from Mayor Muoio, Alta Planning, and Gabe Klein.       The WPB Mobility Study results are in! Join Mayor @jmuoio & @gabe_klein on 10/24 to hear more. Help shape the future of mobility! #iLoveWPB — Christy Fox (@christyfox1) October 17, 2017
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    Blog - Bourbon Sprawl

    Bourbon Sprawl meets every third Wednesday of the month. We're a group of transportation advocates, urban planners, and new urbanists who share an affinity for sensible policy and happy hour. Every month we feature a speaker to share their experience and thoughts about urbanism.THIS MONTH: Jesse Bailey, Founder of Walkable West Palm BeachJesse founded Walkable West Palm Beach, an advocacy blog dedicated to making a better city and focusing on making better use of our existing built infrastructure and significant natural assets. Jesse will be chatting about Connect West Palm Beach, a new organization to advocate for livable streets, healthy transportation, incremental neighborhood development, and vibrant public spaces to enhance our quality of life.Learn how to create a blog and some tips for keeping it updated.
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